hilton design

Understand first, then design.

Effective design is a result of listening,
asking questions, and seeing everything
like it's the first time.

Hilton Design, ecommerce sharing-economy rental website logo design

"We need some one who can deal with a high degree of complexity and understands statistics and statistical analysis who can deliver a clean modern fresh design."
- Client

Hilton Design, User Interface prototype design for a sharing economy rental website.

Reveal CX is a Saas quality monitoring tool that allows users discover root causes of business performance issues. The challenge with this project was taking a highly complex legacy program and addressing the the user experience and user interface challenges that come with a robust and highly complex piece of software.

hilton design, Dermavenue.com UX & UI ecommerce website design

Dermavenue is high-end & medical grade skin care site. The site was designed from scratch on top of a Joomla CMS. The biggest challenge was creating a user interface that was fresh and new yet accessible to a fairly wide older demographic.

hilton design, dermavenue.com logo and branding design

"The logo needs to look high-end, like something you might see on Rodeo Drive."

- Client

Hilton Design, ecommerce sharing-economy rental website logo design

"I want a logo that has 'energy', doesn't look to polished, feels off the cuff, personal, and friendly."
- Client

Hilton Design, User Interface prototype design for a sharing economy rental website.

Hipdigz was a sharing economy startup that needed branding, a site prototype and a deck to shop to investors. The challenge was creating an intuitive, mobile friendly interface that had a little more "edge" than Airbnb.

Emote is a big-data text analysis tool which measures the emotional content of online comments. The design challenge with this project was creating a user interface and information design prototypes that would allow the user to navigate and comprehend the data samples. The interface design had to account for overlay of multi-dimensional graphic, location, spectrum, and time related metrics all in one interface.

"The logo needs to communicate the spectrum of emotion that our tool measures"

- Client

"The Logo needs to bold, modern and conservative"

- Client

Lewis Kappes, a law firm from Indianapolis established a West Coast branch in an effort to better serve their Entertainment and Technology clients. They needed a branding online presence that more closely matched the aesthetic of their clientele.

"The Logo need to communicate strength, and match the existing ETI logo"

- Client

NetZero Plus is a training program and facility retrofit championed by the IBEW as an example of best practices in new electrical technologies.

Most of the work I have done for Volkswagen is covered by NDA agreements. Unfortunately I can only speak in a general way about these projects. While in their employ I developed, designed, and presented advanced concepts for VW & Audi. Projects involved global design strategy, future vehicle and service concepts, as well as branding and identity development for products & services. Different projects involved art direction, information design, presentation decks, books, posters, promotional materials, photography, copywriting, and media interviews.

This confidential project was a prototype for a web-based configuration tool that involved a future product and service proposal.

Mobile-first micro-site build from client artwork

During my tenure at Volkswagen Design Center California, the studio moved to Santa Monica and I was asked to create a video that would introduce the new studio to the rest of the Volkswagen concern.

"We need a logo that is simple, clean, iconic, and draws attention to the new facility" - Client