Effective design is a result of listening,
asking questions, and seeing everything
like it's the first time.

Understand, then design.

Dermavenue is an e-commerce site that sells high-end & medical grade skin care products. The site was designed from scratch on top of a Joomla CMS. The biggest challenge was creating a user interface that was fresh and new yet accessible to a fairly wide demographic which included elderly clients who are less than web savy.

"The logo needs to look high-end, like something you might see on Rodeo Drive."

"I want a logo that has 'energy', doesn't look to polished, feels off the cuff, personal, and friendly."

Hipdigz was a sharing economy startup that was looking for funding and needed a prototype and a deck to shop to investors. The challenge was creating an intuitive, mobile friendly interface that had a little more "edge" than Airbnb.

Emote is a text analysis tool ( currently looking for VC funding ) which measures emotions in online comments. The client needed User Interface and Information Design prototypes which would allow the user to understand and navigate the data samples. Emote measures 20+ different metrics in online commentary in an effort to accurately gauge more than just a positive or negative response, it also measures the intensity of these comments.

"The logo needs to communicate the spectrum of emotion that our tool measures"

Most of the work I have done for Volkswagen is covered by NDA agreements. Unfortunately I can only speak in a general way about these projects. While in their employ I developed, designed, and presented advanced concepts for VW & Audi. Projects involved global design strategy, future vehicle and service concepts, as well as branding and identity development for products & services. Different projects involved art direction, information design, presentation decks, books, posters, promotional materials, photography, copywriting, and media interviews.

This confidential project was a prototype for a web-based configuration tool that involved a future product and service proposal.

"The name must allude to the concept and visually still be in line with Audi branding.

This project was the initial branding and concept development package for what would eventually be launched as the Audi Roadjet Concept. The goal was to create a vehicle who's interior felt spacious and comfortable while still maintaining an attractive silhouette.

During my tenure at Volkswagen Design Center California, the studio moved to Santa Monica and I was asked to create a video that would introduce the new studio to the rest of the Volkswagen concern.

"We need a logo that is simple, clean, iconic, and draws attention to the new facility"

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