Emote was a big-data text analysis tool which measured the emotional content of online comments. The analysis provided much richer data than like vs. dislike and the branding for the project needed to communicate the spectrum of emotion that was captured in the data

Hipdigz was a sharing economy site proposal similar to Airbnb with the exception that it would also market experiences as well as places to stay.

This logo was part of a ground-up rebranding of a company that ran an skincare e-commerce site. The redesign yielded a doubling of their sales. The redesign included the logo, website, t-shirts, bags, and packaging.

Incite Management is a talent agency that represents composers and music editors the concept for their brand was the idea of the fire that burns inside.

Internet ICON was a show on Youtube's YOMYOMF network that ran for three seasons, the logo itself is tongue in cheek and echos the light-hearted nature of the show and it's contestants. Branding included stickers, shirts, hats etc.

This logo was part of a re-branding effort for Volkswagen Design Center California. The logo is a reductive distillation of the studio silhouette.

This logo was designed for an advanced structural engineering consultant

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Livewatt was a solar company that measured the amount of solar energy your panels were generating and integrated the sensors with an online dashboard portal.